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  • Larry M. from Lombard, IL

    I am a fun-loving, pragmatic, task master. I believe in making math fun through the use of computational tricks and short cuts that are often no longer taught in schools. I recognize that some students are handicapped when their learning style does not match the style of their teacher; so Read more [...]

  • Cindy B. from Naples, FL

    I HAVE ACHIEVED REMARKABLE SUCCESS TURNING “FAILING” INTO “A” GRADES. My sincere enthusiasm for tutoring is conveyed to my students with a positive attitude, infectious inspiration, and an abundance of patience. I hold a B.S. in mathematics. Math is my first passion. I believe in explaining the “why”, not just Read more [...]

  • David N. from Rochester, NY

    I began programming computers as a hobby while in high school. I always enjoyed helping my fellow students through tutoring and informal assistance.I worked in the computing industry for 32 years. I learned and used dozens of programming languages and technologies. I retain the ability to learn and use new Read more [...]

  • Charles D. L. from Tucson, AZ

    I have many years of professional engineering experience in the field of mining, geology, computer applications, software design & coding (Fortran). I use Microsoft programs (Word, Publisher) on a daily basis in my business work, & have some CAD experience in designing parts. Use Corel Photo Shop for editing of Read more [...]

  • Kirk H. from Denver, CO

    I am knowledgeable in software engineering, math, music theory and audio recording. I have over 20 years industry experience in software development, including aerospace (DOD), TV broadcast automation, financial applications and scientific applications. I can teach C / C++ programming skills.My musical background is varied and includes piano/organ/synth performance and Read more [...]

  • Anne M. from Naperville, IL

    I am an experienced tutor and instructor specializing in all levels of Mathematics and Statistics, middle and high school – College and Graduate Level Mathematics and Statistics. I have expert knowledge of college level mathematics and statistics, precalculus, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and Statistics. I am an advanced user Read more [...]

  • Natalya P. from Englewood, CO

    I have more than 15 years of teaching experience at both college and high school level in the areas of languages, math, logic, and computer science. In addition, I have extensive experience with non-traditional learners from both sides of the learning spectrum (IQs in the 40s and 140s) and appreciate Read more [...]

  • Bill K. from Lake Mary, FL

    I have more than 15 years experience teaching at Columbia University. I have taught math and physics to both science and non-science majors and am confident that I can help students appreciate and understand the beauty of math. I have tested in the 99 percentile on SAT, GRE, LSAT, and Read more [...]

  • Richard H. from Henderson, NV

    Fair and firm mentor of all things SCHOOL RELATED, PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT, and PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS, too.Fun and sometimes profitable to get it right and a bummer and sometimes expensive to guess wrong… My profile shows that your success is unavoidable, we just need to address those issues to get you back Read more [...]