• Rajat S. from New York, NY

    Hi everyone,My name is Raj, and thanks for visiting my profile.When it comes to tutoring, I’ve noticed that a certain category of tutors tend to serve their students best–those who are students themselves. I’m a Ph.D. candidate at Weill Cornell Graduate School, and over the years my academic path has Read more [...]

  • Henry S. from Atlanta, GA

    I am a Renaissance man, in that I have a widely varied background. I am well read, and make it a point to stay current on the latest information repositories. My principle strength is in the sciences: Biology, Physiology, Physics, Astronomy and Geology. I also have a law degree and Read more [...]

  • Nicholas E. from Allentown, PA

    I enjoy working one on one with students in the biological sciences. I have a background in teaching community college courses in Biology, Human Biology and Anatomy and Physiology. I especially like working with the students during my office hours. I also have organized lecture hours and laboratory for these Read more [...]

  • Rui W. from New York, NY

    I am currently studying and working in the Brain and Mind Institution at Weill Cornell Medical School.Before, I was a Ph.D. student at Loyola University Chicago, Major in Chemistry and Biochemistry, where I began my work in medical research. At the same time, I was a TA for lecture courses Read more [...]

  • Austin W. from Philadelphia, PA

    Hello! Are you looking to simplify the test-prep process? All that physics, chemistry and biology too confusing to tackle on your own? As a state-certified teacher and resident physician in general surgery, I can help you to make connections between facts so you actually understand the science behind what you’re Read more [...]

  • Tanya H. from Conroe, TX

    I am an experienced Secondary Composite Science Certified teacher of 15 years. I have experience with all levels ranging from AP to Special Education. I taught at an IB Diploma and AVID School.I believe that all students can learn. Sometimes students need a little one on one or just need Read more [...]

  • Tamara K. from New Orleans, LA

    I am a 9th grade physical science teacher at Chalmette High School and was premed in college. I have an extensive background in and understanding of biology, chemistry, and physics. I really enjoy working with students of all ages and ability levels. I am originally from Seattle, Washington, but have Read more [...]

  • Lori L. from Boulder, CO

    I taught AP/IB English for many years at the International School of Brussels. I was also the TOEFL supervisor in Brussels. While I sometimes teach Shakespeare at CU-Boulder, my main work is helping students prepare for standardized tests eg. SAT, ACT, PSAT, Subject Tests, GRE and LSAT. In addition, I Read more [...]