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  • Dan S. from Fort Wayne, IN

    I’ve been teaching Spanish & Portuguesein Fort Wayne at the college and high school levelsince 1996. Also, I’ve been a tutor several timesover this time period. Currently I teach third and fourth year Spanish at a high school. Prior to teaching at my current school, I was program director of Read more [...]

  • Claudia C. from Woodbridge, VA

    Teaching Brazilian Portuguese is a passion of mine, and my children are my very first students. Living in the USA, I started helping them learn Brazilian Portuguese as their native language from various media, in addition to the traditional learning methods (grammar and textbooks). When we text, we text in Read more [...]

  • Kyle M. from Saint Paul, MN

    Oi, tudo bem?That’s Portuguese for, “Hi, how are you?”, and if you’re looking to learn Portuguese, you’ll be hearing that a lot. Portuguese is a fun language to learn, and Brazil is an amazing place to visit. The language has very distinct sounds and is a pleasure to speak. I Read more [...]

  • Haroldo S. from Walnut Creek, CA

    GENERAL EXPERIENCE: As an undergraduate student at Florida International University (FIU) from 2001 to 2005, I often found myself tutoring my study groups in several subject areas, from Biochemistry to advanced Calculus, which greatly helped my performance in each class. By my senior year, I obtained a teaching assistantship for Read more [...]

  • Renato S. from Peoria, AZ

    First I would like to impress upon you my strong desire to serve as a tutor and to be a key asset in building your confidence.I am a strong and determined person that believes is excelling when proper teaching techniques and interaction takes place.I have developed throughout my professional years Read more [...]

  • Clyde C. from Long Beach, CA

    I am fluent in Spanish and English, completely knowledgeable in grammar, usage, and vocabulary in both languages.I am a friendly and patient instructor. I have many years of teaching and tutoring experience, and sixteen years working experience as a translator and interpreter of Spanish and Portuguese.I have a certificate to Read more [...]

  • Joao L. from Columbia, TN

    I am a Brazil native, currently studying engineering at the Federal University. I have a strong desire to share what I know!I want to learn more about the North American lifestyle, make some friends, and am looking into living in the US. I want new experiences with new cultures!I am Read more [...]