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  • Raluca B. from Jacksonville, FL

    My name is Raluca B. and I’ve been tutoring for ten years, I’ve taught German, Italian, Romanian and English to students at all levels; from business men and women to young children looking for enrichment. I’ve dedicated my career to facilitating communication between people who are separated by the barriers Read more [...]

  • Sorin F. from New Haven, CT

    I am a Yale educated scientist with extensive experience in teaching and paper/grant writing/editing. I got my PhD in Genetics from Yale in 2010 where I am presently a research scientist. I can provide expert tutoring in general biology, biochemistry, cell/molecular biology and genetics. I have experience tutoring at the Read more [...]

  • Claudia L. from Pottstown, PA

    Although I am currently a Senior Analytical Chemist, I was a high school certified chemistry teacher in Romania for four years, before coming to the United States. While working as a teacher, I also tutored a number of high school students in Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and especially Organic Chemistry, Read more [...]

  • Angela T. from Monrovia, CA

    The main points of my experience, qualifications and foreign language teaching philosophy:1. Professional experience:I have been working in education as a French teacher for more than 30 years (12 of which in the US and the last six in California). A highlight of my teaching career is the professional experience Read more [...]