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  • LaToya H. from Huntsville, AL

    I have a passion for helping students to excel on all levels, from education to everyday life situations. I believe all students are equally gifted, talented, and smart but have different and individual learning styles. I specialize in recognizing these different learning styles, which ultimately helps me to provide the Read more [...]

  • Katherine R. from Goleta, CA

    Hello there,I’m a passionate, certified teacher with 10 years teaching experience. I’ve taught English, Reading, Writing, ESL, French, Math, Social Studies, and Physical Education to middle school students. I also have experience tutoring secondary students in English, French, and Fitness/Wellness Education. While most of my classroom experience is from 5th Read more [...]

  • Elizabeth M. from Saint Paul, MN

    Greetings to you, my reader,I have spent my entire life learning English. My mother emigrated from China and surprised everybody when she was able to speak English because she had been taking night class lessons without anybody realizing! I enjoy research in English, language studies, linguistics, grammar, the evolution of Read more [...]

  • David H. from Green Bay, WI

    Thank you for considering my candidacy in becoming a tutor for you or your child. I am filled with excitement and reverence at the prospect of helping people achieve their desired learning goals. I am currently a school principal and former high school teacher with specialized training in English Language Read more [...]

  • Steven P. from Uxbridge, MA

    I graduated from the University of Rhode Island (2002) after a career as a sales representative with McConaughy Associates. This planned change in careers offered me a chance to give back to society in a manner best befitting my passion for history, and my desire to share that knowledge with Read more [...]

  • Vin J. from Odessa, TX

    I have Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering degrees along with a Master’s in Systems Engineering. I have been tutoring and mentoring since high school, all the way through college. Math, science, and engineering are my expertise and I can’t wait to work with you!

  • Zachary G. from Florence, MA

    I am a learner-centered tutor with five years experience as an educator. I completed a master’s degree and two years of doctoral work in English. I have taught Basic Math, Computer Skills (including Microsoft Office products and keyboarding), English Composition, Business English, and Psychology.

  • Hilary F. from Racine, WI

    I graduated in 2011 from Northwestern University with a major in History and a minor in Chinese. In addition, I studied French at university to the advanced level. I have studied abroad in both France and China, including home-stays on both visits. I love both languages, and I am eager Read more [...]

  • Rebecca S. from Pinnacle, NC

    I am currently a middle school teacher in a local county. I have tutored at the college level in math and computer science, as well as performed note taking and tutoring for impaired students.I have completed B.A. coursework in both history and art history, while completing training for a secondary Read more [...]