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  • James H. from Greer, SC

    I am a veteran instructor with nine years of experience working with adults. I currently teach adults in an FAA License Prep course.I am a professional photographer and small business owner. I am skilled in digital photography as well as editing software such as photoshop and lightroom. I am also Read more [...]

  • Derico C. from Mount Morris, MI

    I am a professional artist specializing in photography, graphic design and typography. I spent 10 years in the Marines and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have visited close to 30 states and 30 countries. I have close to 15 years experience in photography in everything from, war photography/photojournalism, weddings, Read more [...]

  • Matthew S. from Portland, OR

    Hi there.You’ve found my profile if you’re interested in learning about digital media, computers, or related subjects. Or alternatively, you could use some help understanding academic subjects such as Environmental Science or History. I’m a photographer with many years of experience in a wide variety of topics that are useful Read more [...]

  • Juliana B. from Brooklyn, NY

    I offer tutoring in seven subject areas: photography (technical strategies, editing, creative input and feedback, and history), Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, English, Grammar, Public Speaking and Writing. I have worked as a tutor for over three years and previously have taught photography portfolio workshops at various photo festivals around the Read more [...]

  • Sean M. from Austin, TX

    I love both shooting AND the creative aspects of editing the image after it has been captured. I have been a photographer for over a decade and a user of Photoshop for almost as long. I have recently become proficient in Lightroom as well. For a semester, I interned alongside Read more [...]

  • Mark H. from Menominee, MI

    I have spent the last 40 years developing my skills and style as a photographer and teaching others along the way. I specialize in fine art landscape photography; I also have experience in sports, wedding, portrait and commercial photography. The equipment I have used over time have been film, digital, Read more [...]

  • Jeffrey M. from Woodland Hills, CA

    Since buying my first Mac Plus in 1984, I’ve used nearly every Apple product, operating system, and application. I’ve helped many friends and acquaintances over the years by directing them to the most appropriate hardware and software to best serve their needs, helping set up their systems, and troubleshooting problems Read more [...]