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  • Steven P. from Colorado Springs, CO

    I have years of experience teaching technical applications and principals in mathematics, biology, and medical terminology in both university and on the job environments. My experience is primarily in satellite operations, control, and engineering; but, I am also a reenactor specializing in Dark and Middle Ages and Civil War. I Read more [...]

  • Chris J. from Red Rock, AZ

    I am a college graduate with 2 bachelor of science degrees: Aerospace Engineering, and Space Physics. I was a tutor at my university for 2 years in higher level math and physics before I graduated. After graduation, I became a tutor at my hometown’s community college while I looked for Read more [...]

  • Anne M. from Naperville, IL

    I am an experienced tutor and instructor specializing in all levels of Mathematics and Statistics, middle and high school – College and Graduate Level Mathematics and Statistics. I have expert knowledge of college level mathematics and statistics, precalculus, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and Statistics. I am an advanced user Read more [...]

  • Uche O. from Tinley Park, IL

    This tutor earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Nigeria, graduating with honors. He had a perfect score on his Math GRE and continued his studies in the United States at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned two master’s degrees (Computer Science and Industrial/Systems Engineering) Read more [...]

  • Bernardo F. from Escondido, CA

    I’m a college professor with 25+ years of experience teaching mathematics and computer programming. My favorite subjects include precalculus, calculus, linear algebra, optimization and numerical analysis.I believe the only way to learn mathematics or computer programming is by working through many exercises and problems. There’s no way around this. It Read more [...]

  • Igor Z. from New Canaan, CT

    Private Math, Physics, Statistics Tutoring on ALL LEVELS!Promise to show ‚Äúbeyond the cookbook‚Äù solutions for any problem — real understanding is the key! While ‚Äúcookbook methods‚Äù will work on some sample problems, they will not work on real tests!My real specialty is Advanced Statistics, but I also specialize in pretty Read more [...]

  • David W. from Martinsburg, WV

    I’m Dave. Now retired, I’ve been a project/program manager, a professor, and a programmer during my forty years in the computer field. I’ve enjoyed introducing new technologies at educational and government facilities. The primary key success factor in learning is internal motivation – you can succeed if you like what Read more [...]