• Jason S. from Brooklyn, NY

    My undergraduate education was at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), where I studied Mathematics and Philosophy, with an emphasis in Abstract Algebra and Symbolic Logic. My tutoring experience started back in high school when I tutored other students in physics and math. Throughout college, I tutored math and Read more [...]

  • Michael C. from Princeton, WV

    I am a certified teacher in the West Virginia Department of Education, mercer County Board of Education, and have been a college professor and assistant dean for decades. On the collegiate level, I have taught courses in multiple sub fields of psychology and sociology, cultural anthropology, and speech/debate. I received Read more [...]

  • William A. from Brooklyn, NY

    Hello! My name’s Will. I’m recently graduated from Northwestern University’s MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage. I taught two semesters to undergraduate students in a seminar-style class once a week. The course was Foundations of Screenwriting, in which we analyzed film structure and wrote short film scripts. I’ve Read more [...]