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  • Jared K. from Lubbock, TX

    After finishing an intensive ASL interpreting program in the Dallas area I moved to Lubbock and began working with the school district as a Communication Facilitator. I am working on the certification process and will be continuing my education for a higher degree in the field. Currently I am the Read more [...]

  • Aneesha P. from Longmont, CO

    With over 12 years classroom teaching experience (grades 1/2, 4/5, creative writing, art and British Literature for grades 9-12), I have a vast array of teaching skills to offer.I believe that each child learns differently and my students always participated in student-parent-teacher conferences with personal assessments and goals. With active Read more [...]

  • Terri W. from Rochester, NY

    I have a strong academic background in deafness combined twelve years of experience with education in deaf elementary school, public high schools and colleges in Rochester area. I love to tutor deaf and hard of hearing and hearing students when they need some help. 🙂 ASL teacher provided American Sign Read more [...]

  • Cynthia L. from Cincinnati, OH

    My name is Cynthia. I am a Nationally Certified Interpreter for the Deaf. I have a degree in ASL to English Interpretation with Cum Laude honors, and I’m the founder of Sign Baby I’m currently a full time interpreter in a High School setting, and part-time community freelance interpreting. Read more [...]

  • John D. from Anacortes, WA

    Aloha! My experiences working with Deaf children, special needs, and regular education students has provided me a wide variety of learning styles and student’s needs. By focusing on the student and adapting to their unique learning style, I have helped many become successful in their curriculum. Allow me to make Read more [...]

  • Ernest S. from Saint Louis, MO

    Hi! I am a senior communicative disorders major at Northern Illinois University with a double minor in Spanish and Deafness rehabilitation. My tutoring emphases are languages and English. I will also tutor in the sciences of anatomy and physiology. In all of my potential tutoring areas I have done very Read more [...]